Adorable Pug Puppies Looking for a Ride Swarm Baby [VIDEO]
Puppies love to play with everything they can get their paws on, including babies. Three adorable pug puppies scramble onto the back of an equally adorable baby and hang on as the infant crawls about the floor. The dogs soon realize that babies don’t make the best vehicles.
Mythical ‘Unicorn Pug’ Found [VIDEO]
These suburban explorers have captured on camera the most mystical of beasts — a pugicorn. And a smashing “pugicorn” she is. (Though he does not look happy.) Catch a rare sighting of this mythical beast below.
Pug Loves Taking Baths [VIDEO]
My friends call me the "Crazy Pug Guy." I take Dharma with me almost everywhere I go and always have pictures to share! Plus, she loves rides in the car.
But I don't know why she's never been a fan of water. She hates baths, and avoid the sprinkler at all costs!