Got An Extra $800k? Buy Your Own Town!
Erin is always talking with Robert about winning the lottery.
If she ever wins, instead of nice cars, or dates with LL Cool J, I think she should buy herself a town!
Or, if you've got an extra $800,000 around, maybe you'd like to own a town?
At Least It’s Not As Hot As The NorthEast!
'Ol Mother Nature has really been turning up the heat here in the Ark-La-Tex!
When was the last day we didn't reach close to 100?
As Robert said this morning, once you reach triple digits, it doesn't matter if it's 100 or 105... It's just plain hot!
Oh No! Virus Attacks
I remember back several years ago there were sites like "Hot or Not," which allowed web surfers to rate pictures people would send in.
But until today, I didn't know that there was a dating web site just for "Beautiful People!"
Apparently, they have users rate …