Food for the Holidays: Anyone for Divinity?
Growing up in my family, we used to have some amazing spreads...and most of them were loaded with sugar. It is still a wonder how I didn't have a weight problem earlier in life. Regardless, one of the amazing confections my Grandmother used to make was Divinity.
Dr. Jason Maggio’s ‘Cheesecake’ Recipe
During his regular visit with Robert & Erin last Friday morning on 96.5 KVKI, chiropractor, nutritionist and Olympic trainer Dr. Jason Maggio talked about ways you can save a few calories this holiday season.
Among his suggestions is a special faux cheesecake recipe made with substitute ingre…
New Tasty Twist On Tacos
Taste of Home Cooking School is coming next week (Thursday March 22nd).  Jamie Dunn is our celebrity chef and she's getting her recipes ready for you. This could be one of the recipes she shows you how to prepare:
Buffulo Chicken Wing Cupcakes a Success? [PHOTOS]
Well, the Buffalo Chicken Wing Cupcake recipe actually turned out pretty good. I would highly recommend these for anyone that is looking to spice up their Super Bowl party food.
Robert & Erin actually tried them, but all they could muster was just one bite. Robert at least enjoyed the chicken…
Buffalo Chicken Wing Cupcakes
I am a huge fan of Cupcake Wars. While watching the show, I always get the urge to plunge in the kitchen to make some yummy cupcakes. Commonsense always prevails and if I'm still craving cupcakes I go to the experts at Buttercups Cupcakes. This time though, commonsense has left the building and…
Thanksgiving Roundup – Secrets, Tips, Recipes and More
Finally, everything you're looking for about Thanksgiving — from the stories behind the holiday to awesome costumes to dress up your pets — is all in one place. If you need to throw together a last-minute feast, wow dinner guests with facts about Thanksgiving or just watch a bunch o…

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