Old Kroger On Benton Road To Get New Lease On Life
It seems like it's been forever, but that old Kroger building on Benton Road may finally get new owners who'll do something with it.  The building's been empty since 2015 when Kroger decided to build a new Marketplace location on Airline Highway...
After Christmas – Time To Return Gifts!
Sunday morning, we ripped open all the presents under the tree and told everyone how much we liked their gifts... even if we didn't.
Now, it's time to stand in the returns line and get what we really want!
American Family Association’s Naughty or Nice List 2011
We here at 96.5 KVKI take pride in being the CHRISTMAS Music Station. However, some retailers are shying away from using the term "Christmas." The American Family Association has put together a list of retailers that are Pro-Christmas, Christmas neutral, or Anti-Christmas.
To find o…
Retail Therapy? Is It Real?
I totally sign onto this concept.  I know, I'm a guy and its odd, but I've tried it, and studies show a sure-fire way to put you in a good mood --> go the mall!
Yes, retail therapy is the real deal!!