Robert & Erin

“Everybody’s Talking” Stories from Robert & Erin
A 48 year old man in Naperville, Illinois has a little egg on his face today.  He met a woman online and fell in love.  He's been chatting with her for several months, but then she sent him a message that she had been kidnapped and needed $200,000 to be released.  He wired the money to her bank acco…
Games For Boys!
Sega has announced that it's testing consoles called "Toylets" in urinals around Tokyo, which asks the user to strategically vary the strength and location of his urine stream to play a series of games.
Cousins Feud Over Facebook Friend
A Facebook feud turned real-life violent in Long Island after a woman allegedly ran over her cousin, twice, with a minivan after a dispute over "friend requesting" a potential love interest, according to reports.