NASA Under Fire as UFO Rumors Circulate
The ISS Space Station was doing its regular live feed, when suddenly unidentified object came in to view of the camera. This PROBABLY could have been written off as "Space Trash" or some other mundane thing. But, JUST as the object approached Earth's atmosphere the live feed w…
See Intense Footage of the Meteor Landing in Russia
Zombies. Man-killing space aliens. Killer clowns. It's okay if these are the first things that run through your mind when you watch this insane footage of a meteor landing in Russia. The meteor crashed into a building, and destroyed it. As of now, at least 1,000 people have been reported injured, an…
Students Send First Burger Into Space
Thanks to a group of Harvard students, a fast food burger has boldly gone where no burger has gone before -- into the edge of space. Hey, it's better than eating it. Those things'll kill ya.