Cheesy Televisions Shows – BJ Kelley’s Top 5
While walking down the hall, Kayla and I were talking about old TV shows. Somehow, the conversation turned to the dumbest and/or cheesiest ones. For some reason, she didn't even remember some of the ones I mentioned... So I knew I had to do a post to share the cheese... And prove they exist!
Anderson Cooper Can’t Stop Laughing [VIDEO]
I saw this video making its way around Facebook this afternoon, and I found myself laughing along with him!
Last night, he was trying to poke some fun at Gerard Depardieu, the actor that decided to... uh... relieve himself on a plane.
But, after only a couple of bad puns, Cooper totally lost his compo…
Sexy Sax Man Does ‘Careless Whisper’ [VIDEO]
Oh my goodness! I HAD to share this video!
As you've probably noticed, I love running through videos on YouTube. The things I could videotape and post if only I weren't afraid of getting arrested!
This afternoon, Jennifer called me during the All Request Lunch Hour and asked me if I&apo…
51 And 16 Year Old Couple Finally Speak Out
You'll remember a couple of weeks ago, Robert and Erin posted about actor Doug Hutchison marrying Courtney Stodden... a 16 year old.
And, wow! The comments we got about the, uh, marriage made in heaven!
How Many DJ’s Does It Take To Free A Wasp?
Or, Why Won't Robert Just Spray Raid On It?
So, I walk into the Radio Ranch this morning. And I see Robert and Puff (From our sister station 99X) looking at something on the wall.
As I get closer, I realize it's either a Crow... Or the biggest wasp ever!
New Weird Al Video Pokes Fun At Lady Gaga [VIDEO]
It's been a couple of years... But Weird Al is back!
The guy that has spoofed Michael Jackson and Joan Jett, and gave us the classic 80's movie UHF, is now giving the world his take on Lady Gaga. Why? Because, baby, he "Performs This Way!"