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Thanksgiving Safety Tips From William Shatner [VIDEO]
Sometimes I feel like this is William Shatner's world, and we're just living in it!
Priceline, Star Trek, bad music videos, and now giving us turkey fryer safety tips.
The gang over at State Farm teamed up with Shatner to demonstrate that, while fried Turkey is tasty, it can also be dangerou…
Bride Texts During Her Wedding [VIDEO]
I swear, people will use their cell phones anywhere these days! Talking, updating Facebook,  and texting are getting out of hand.
In the theatre, in line at the credit union, in church, and at their own wedding!
Dazzling Halloween “Party Rock” House [VIDEO]
Every year, there are more and more videos of people doing "extreme" decorating for Christmas.
I even remember one of the TV news shows doing a story on what was involved in getting house lights synchronized to music.
Well, I believe we've found a winner for Halloween decoration…
Wild Turkey Attacks TV Reporter [VIDEO]
It could almost pass for a bad 1990's Fox TV Special... "When Turkey's Attack!"
But it's not some made for TV movie ... It's what happened to an unfortunate new reporter for Channel 10 in Sacramento.

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