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Anderson Cooper Can’t Stop Laughing [VIDEO]
I saw this video making its way around Facebook this afternoon, and I found myself laughing along with him!
Last night, he was trying to poke some fun at Gerard Depardieu, the actor that decided to... uh... relieve himself on a plane.
But, after only a couple of bad puns, Cooper totally lost his compo…
Here Kitty Kitty, Time For Cat Jury Duty [VIDEO]
Oh, good 'ol government bureaucracy. I can always count on you to make me smile!
This video has been making its way around the interwebs, and it was posted by a friend of mine earlier today.
Basically, someone thought the family cat was a person and sent a notice of jury duty!
You Really Can Do Anything With Chopsticks! [VIDEO]
Maybe there's something wrong with me... I can't use chopsticks for anything. Well, except as giant toothpicks!
Trust me, I've had about 800 people try to teach me. But, all that happens is that the rice goes one way, and the chicken another.
Nascar Prayer, Now Sung With Music [VIDEO]
Photo: Youtube Video
Earlier this week, Robert and Erin mentioned the Nascar prayer that incorporated sponsors and lines from Talladega Nights.
Well, like just about any other video that's gone viral, someone has decided to make it.
Cat Knows Which Hand Has The Food [VIDEO]
After my stories about my cat, my friend Jaime sent me a funny cat video.
My cat's trick is to get out of diapers... And that's about all he can do!
This cat plays the "Which Hand Is It In" game.
Sexy Sax Man Does ‘Careless Whisper’ [VIDEO]
Oh my goodness! I HAD to share this video!
As you've probably noticed, I love running through videos on YouTube. The things I could videotape and post if only I weren't afraid of getting arrested!
This afternoon, Jennifer called me during the All Request Lunch Hour and asked me if I&apo…
This woman LOVES ‘The Rainbow Sponge’ [VIDEO]
My grandmother, of all people, sent me a link to this video!
And, I'll admit, I'd never heard of the Rainbow Sponge before. Was it like Rainbow Brite crossed with Squarepants?!?
But, from watching the video, I guess it's the best invention since Happy Hotdog Man!

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