5 Crazy Things That Have Happened to Lottery Winners
Have you purchased your lotto ticket yet? 323 Million is the magic number up for grabs in tonight's drawing. The Mega Millions game costs you a buck, well $2 total if you're wanting to add the Megapleir option. We have all day dreamed about winning the lottery...
‘Silo’ Takes 1st At Louisiana Film Prize
'Silo', described by writer / director Kyle Clements as 'a bit of a relationship film', is the winner of the 2013 Louisiana Film Prize, capping a festival weekend in downtown Shreveport that brings the top movie a $50,000 grand prize.
Woman Who Let Powerball Winner Cut in Line ‘Has No Regrets’
When Gloria MacKenzie claimed her $590.5 million Powerball jackpot, she released a statement mentioning that another woman allowed her to cut in line to purchase her winning ticket. That woman, Mindy Crandell, says she is not upset that her charitable gesture could have cost her an enormous fortune …