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Mardi Gras is Close. Are You Excited? — Woo’s World
You can feel the excitement in the air. Mardi Gras is almost here. Every August, the local Mardi Gras Krewes announce their Royalty at a Half Way to Mardi Gras party. At last count there were approximately 17 Mardi Gras Krewes in Shreveport. Think of the economic impact Mardi Gras has…
Who Doesn’t Love Steak? — Woo’s World
A person has to do what a person has to do. While eating dinner at my house, one grandchild decided she didn't like steak. Beautifully cooked rib eye steak that melts in your mouth. How could anybody not like steak? Immediately, my son and daughter sprang…
Remember to Clean Out Your Cupboards — Woo’s World
Ever find yourself batting gnats? Those winged nuisances that fly in front of your face and crawl on everything. I thought I had floaters in my eyes, but instead it was those darn gnats. Bananas thrown away, oranges on the patio -- and still there are gnats.
That One Rainy Day I Felt Like a Kid Again – Woo’s World
Have you ever had a memory that was so incredible that you remember it for years and years?  Maybe you'll remember it forever. Every time it rains I remember an event in my life that has become one of those incredible memories that I think I'll remember forever.
My Husband ‘Gooned’ a Gymnast — Woo’s World
There's no better television viewing in my humble opinion than the Olympics. Hats off to Great Britain for this year's event. I loved every second of  the Olympics. From the spectacular opening to the closing ceremony and all the wonderful competition in between.
The Queen looked a little grumpy, but…
Pass The Corn, Please – Woo’s World
There they sat, ages five, seven, eight and nine. Four of my five grandchildren ready to dig in and eat supper.  They're all starving to death because I didn't let anyone have treats for about two hours before dinner.  That's a little trick I learned years ago. The longer you starve kids, the better…
Beware: Bridge is an Addiction — Woo’s World
For those who do not play bridge, let me explain something to you. It's an exercise in self-loathing.  You think through each bid like Chess champion Bobby Fisher. And no matter how you study or how hard you try, you always seem to have a brain fart at the wrong time and play a terrible game. You en…
The Blue Man Group Blew Me Away — Woo’s World
I attended a performance by The Blue Man Group at The Strand Theater on a Wednesday night. Like I always say, it's not the weekend yet, but who cares? I honestly didn't know what to expect. I'd seen the act on television, but thought it was just OK.
How My Granddaughter Named Me — Woo’s World
One day while admiring my first grandchild, a friend asked what I wanted her to call me. "You're kidding," I answered. "Do I have a say in the matter?" Usually, something comes blurting out of their sweet little mouths one day and - boom - you&…

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