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East Texas Holds A Few Guinness World Records
When you've got a special talent or crazy skill you want to show off that special thing and hopefully set a world record while performing it. Several East Texans have done just that, set records, that stand in the book of Guinness World Records!
Woman Sets Record for Smallest Waist
Setting any kind of record must be pretty awesome. Having the lowest voice on the planet or making the largest Frito pie in all of crunchy snack history garners major bragging rights. It seems like everyone these days wants to take a crack at making things bigger, better, or taller, but in the case …
Man With World’s Lowest Voice Makes Record Book
How low can you go? Tim Storms might be tired of that question, but he’d probably be willing to bet you a large sum of money (if he’s a betting man) that he can sing a heck of a lot lower than you, or anyone you know, can.  Tim’s deep register is …
UK Woman Births 12 Pound 12 Ounce Baby Girl
The not always reliable British tabloid The Sun reports that a woman in the UK gave NATURAL birth of a 12 pound 12 ounce baby girl, named Suzie Tevendale, in only 44 minutes. The tot claims the record as being the heaviest girl ever born in the UK by about 3oz.