More than 5,500 items recovered from the famous shipwreck of Titanic -- valued at nearly $200 million altogether -- will be auctioned in April. Among them is a men's bowler hat and a diamond bracelet.

The bracelet was recovered in 1987. It's 15 karat rose gold and silver with the name Amy spelled in diamonds. There were at least two women named Amy among the 2,228 women on board. It also could have belonged to an Amelia or an Amanda.
You can also take a submarine dive down to the shipwreck for $60,000.
As the economic recovery slowly gains steam, trips to the Titanic are back on and Bluefish is now accepting bookings for 2012.
The $59,680 tab secures a seat on a deep-sea submersible that takes you to the shipwreck, as well as lectures, briefings, meals and accommodations at the port of departure and on board the Akademik Keldysh ship, owned and operated by the Shirshov Institute of Oceanology in Moscow. (Airfare, taxes or fees are not included.)
A total of 20 paid spots are available, which will offset the cost of the Shirshov Institute's scientific research. The firm has already received over 300 "serious inquiries," Sims said. Four trips to the location where the Titanic sank on April 15, 1912 have been sold so far.
Those adventure seekers will fly to Newfoundland and spend several days at sea. When the weather and sea conditions look good, divers can visit the wreck site -- 12,465 feet down -- in submersibles. Each battery-operated submersible holds just one pilot and two passengers for an 11- to 12-hour trip.
Here's CNN's video report on the $60,000 ride of your life: