With gas prices going up, and up, and up, everyone is on the lookout for cheap gas. Heck, on my way into work, I always check if prices have gone up or down (They actually went down 2 pennies yesterday at Murphy USA here on the west side!)

Well, the other day, a gas station in California had a sale on gas... For $1.10 a gallon! But it was an accident because of a computer glitch.

It happened at a Valero in Los Angeles. And here's the odd part... Drivers were wrapped around the block. There were police called out to direct traffic. And it took them several hours to even realize that they were selling gas so cheaply! Really, no employee thought the crowd was odd?

After it was all said and done, the owner of the gas station says he lost about $21,000. He's hoping customers will at least come back and buy something from the convenience store... Maybe a Coke. Or 21,000 Cokes.

What's the cheapest you've seen prices around town? I've found 3.73.

Watch the news coverage below: