Believe it or not, High School, even for me, was not as amazing as I had imagined. I remember lying in bed as a little girl, thinking about the guy I would date, and being the prettiest girl at prom, blah blah blah.

Reality was, I was kind of nerdy. I was in Orchestra and on Piano Teams, but I managed to balance it out with some Fencing and I was one of the only kids at school with a part time job, and by far the coolest job, being at a radio station. But even that, didn't get me boyfriends. Well, I take that back...there was one.

He was a new guy in school. He was tall and cute...kind of the tall, dark and handsome type. Although, he was actually kind of pale, with slightly red cheeks....maybe that was because it was cold when we met. I don't know.

I wasn't very good at the whole boyfriend thing. I couldn't even tell that he liked me at first, until he finally convinced me to give him my phone number. He proclaimed to everyone that I was his girlfriend and even wrote, "John <3's ally"="" on="" the="" wall,="" by="" coke="" machine.="" he="" called="" me="" every="" day-="" for="" like="" a="" week.="" then...="" nothing.="" like,="" i="" don't="" know="" at="" what="" point="" guys="" figured="" out="" that="" breaking="" up="" equated="" to="" just="" ceasing="" all="" conversation="" without="" finality,="" but="" can="" you="" expect="" when="" start="" "seeing"="" each="" other="" someone="" gets="" your="" number.="" high="" school="" isn't="" much="" different="" from="" being="" grown="" in="" way,="" sometimes.<="" p="">

Anyway, I was kind of heartbroken. I mean, I didn't love the guy, but he wrote my name on the wall by the cafeteria! That HAD to mean something, right? And besides, when he stopped calling me, he DIDN'T erase it! I mean, why not erase it if you are going to go to the trouble of pretending to lose a girl's number? It's not like you don't drink Cokes anymore!

(rant off)

So, anyway, that seems like ages ago. I was thankful he taught me a lesson in avoidance. I just forgot it a little too soon.

I was leaving work one day, passed the security guard and said my goodnight, and I noticed that a guy was sitting in the lobby. Because I'm still somewhat awkward, I attempted to avoid eye contact, when he stopped me and said:

"Hey! Is your name Ally?!"

"Yeah..." I said kind of reluctantly wondering who the heck this shaved head guy was talking to me.

"We went to high school together? We went out!"

......(this is me looking puzzled/embarrassed/confused/unable to remember his name/not sure what to say all at the same time).....

"Oh... HEY! (long pause)..... Wow, you're still tall!!"

Instant face-palm. Seriously, Ally? You talk for a living and all you could say is, 'Wow, you're still tall?!?!?!'

He laughed and agreed (Gosh, I'm such an idiot) and said he was waiting there for his wife (who was someone I didn't know- thank GOD.)

Yeah, turns out I'm still just as big of a dork now.