Following up on the story from early June when Junior Garcia started his "Journey" from Dallas to Washington D.C. with a 12-foot wooden cross has finally arrived at the White House in Washington, D.C, where he was joined by a large crowd for a prayer service.

The 19-year old teen from The Oasis Church, led a group of about 200 people Friday morning in prayer in Lafayette Park, located across the street from the White House and in a place known for where demonstrations are held.

"I pray for every leader of this nation, so Father, as they make decisions for our country, it's for your glory, Lord," the 19-year-old said, according to the Star-Telegram. Randy Lemme, pastor of The Oasis Church, calling the event a "warning for America."

During a Skype conference and prayer service, another pastor from Garcia's church said the trek was "'not for political gain. It's for no other gain. He recognizes the moral decay in this country and what he wants to do is bring the attention back to the cross which is a message of love," another pastor from The Oasis Church who participated through Skype.

"I did this for others, man. I just want them to see the same love I felt — the forgiveness, the mercy, the love." said Junior Garcia

Interestingly, before the sojourn took place, Junior had some difficulty in getting permission to hold the prayer meeting in front of the White House gates due to "security reasons". Thanks to Congresswoman Kay Granger, she helped our to make sure the permit was granted to hold the rally in Lafayette Park.

Congresswoman Granger was quoted last month that she was proud of Garcia and found his passion and faith inspiring.

If you think this is the end of the road for the young Mr. Garcia, think again. Junior has been updating his Facebook page telling his "friends", "I'm just waiting to hear where He has me go next. I don't think this is my last cross walk."

It is a wonderful way to show to see young adults passionate about their faith.