My son has been gone for 2 days now and I have already written him a couple of letters. I can't mail them because I don't have his full address yet. That bothers me. I'm told I should be getting a full packet from my son within the next week. I so look forward to that. I'm sure it will be pretty generic. But that won't will be from my son.

I have to thank you for so many great inspirational messages. I am sharing these with keep sending them on my Facebook page.

Hey Erin, we just did the "Marine" thing with my daughters boyfriend. I wrote some stuff down while we were there, hopefully to help someone else out one day. I think now is the perfect opportunity. So here it goes: It will be 2 weeks before he writes for the first time.  Don't write about anything fun, or sad, he will be sad enough. Write often. Only letters, no packages. Do not send food. Send stamps.  Best wishes to you and your Marine. I'll be keeping up with him on KVKI. If I can help you in any way, let me know. Also, check out my "Tyler A. Riggs, USMC" album!


Karen Smith