Have you ever had a memory that was so incredible that you remember it for years and years?  Maybe you'll remember it forever. Every time it rains I remember an event in my life that has become one of those incredible memories that I think I'll remember forever. 

I'm sure I've embellished it over the years, but this is what I remember.

We lived in Springlake.  Our home was situated  on a hill, where the right side of the backyard led up a hill.  As it so happened my son and daughter had both invited friends over so we had a house full of young people.  And it began to rain, and rain, and rain some more. The rain was so heavy that it was not safe for anyone to leave so we all settled in for a good time. Rain was coming down the side hill in our back yard in torrents.  It looked like a waterfall. Rain was running down the street in front of the house like a river.

We had the patio door open to watch the show that nature was putting on in the back yard.  Naturally, we turned the fireplace on to take the chill out of the air. I had a big pot of something good on the stove, filling the air with smells of home cooking.  We played all kinds of word and guessing games and rolled on the floor with laughter at some of the crazy answers.

The electricity went out and it almost made the day even better.   We still had the fireplace, gas stove, and gas water heater so we were set for whatever nature handed us. I felt like one of the kids. It was such a nice way to spend a stormy day.

Wish I could repeat the experience.  It was so simple, so fun, such a lovely memory.

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