On "The Bachelor" this week, the girls packed up and traveled to Las Vegas for more dates and romance with Brad. But many fans are not happy about what happened on the group date.

The girls join Brad at the Nascar Speedway in Vegas for a spin around the track.  But one of the girls had a tough time on the date because her fiance worked for a Nascar team and he died in a plane crash on the way to a race.  As it turns out he was once a drive and crashed at the Vegas Speedway.  That turned out to be the last place he was able to drive.  I think it is so insensitive that ABC made sure Emily was on this date.  She had to revisit the emotions of losing her fiance who was also the father of her little girl.  The whole date made Brad uncomfortable and it was surely planned for the dramatic effect.  Bad taste is what I say.  Erin McCarty