It may be a sign of the times, but it looks like the Good Book is being replaced by an e-reader. This is a strange move for traditionalists, but the Hotel Indigo in Newcastle, England has decided to modernize the Bible.

Now before you get upset that the gilded leaf Bible found in the night-stand drawer is being completely abandoned, the new e-reader will come preloaded with the Bible and you will be able to download other religious texts as well. Fear not: the Good Book will be available to you, just now with modern conveniences.

So why remove the familiar hardcover Bible?

The e-readers provided don't cost more than about $7.80 per room, so this is actually a cost savings move. The hotel has decided that they don't have to repair and replace the Bibles that were torn or stolen. Not to mention, if you are having a tough time sleeping you can also download other, non-religious books from Amazon's store, with the cost simply added to your bill at the end of the stay.

The Kindles will be featured in each room of the hotel, though right now it's just a trial — after July 16, the hotel chain will decide whether or not to expand the program to other locations as well.