This year's Mudstock at the River Run ATV Park in Jacksonville, Texas has come to a close. It was four days of ATVs, mud-dancing, music, contests, family fun and general craziness; we miss it already! We witnessed things that made us laugh, gasp and think to ourselves, 'well, we know what that person will be asking forgiveness for in church tomorrow!'

Here are our favorite moments from Mudstock 2012.

Batman Riding Around on an ATV

The caped crusader drove in from Gotham City on his Bat-ATV (B-ATV?) and joined the festivities. We couldn't find Robin, though. We're guessing he fell off the back of Batman's ride and into a mud pit.

Guys Driving RC Cars

We saw little kids driving around the River Run ATV Park on ATVs, and yet some good 'ol boys were playing with kid's toys. But at least they took it seriously -- check out that big damn RC truck!

Yankee Justin Gets Muddy

Kiss Country's favorite yankee showed up at the muddiest event of the year wearing a shirt and tie? At least he was still willing to get dirty. While his attempts at driving through a mud hole didn't quite work out, it was nothing a good old fashioned mud fight couldn't fix.

Casey Ryan, Townsquare Media

Random Girls Dancing

We're not exactly sure if these ladies were practicing for a line dancing competition or just messing around, but one of them didn't like the attention!

Folks Watching Football on a Big Screen HDTV

We caught some avid football fans crowded around a mammoth TV set that was strapped to the back of a big damn truck. While we prefer cracking a cold one at home and watching the game on a couch, we can't help but applaud this redneck ingenuity.

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