I guess I'm turning into a real runner, who knew?!?! Saturday morning, I joined lots of other insane people like myself to slog through the hot Louisiana morning in support of GREAT (Great Results Equine Assisted Therapies) and had a fabulous time!!!

Despite the heat, it was a great day for a run and everyone there was excited to be there... My running buddies Hillary and Karen were happy to show and so were several of my family members... could be because the starting and ending point was Great Raft Brewing, wink! wink! Either way, the folks from GREAT, Great Raft and Sportspectrum did themselves proud with a wonderful event! I just wished I could have stayed for the after party! They had food from tons of great area restaurants including Twine, Herby K's and more!

On a positive note, while I didn't come close to finishing in the top 50% of my age group, I did get to meet Chris Redford AND I beat my time from the Firecracker 5K (my first race last weekend). Things are looking up my friends!