Family's support each other. Most of the time, while the kids are growing up, parent's support their kids in their endeavors. However, there is nothing more heart-warming that your child supporting what the parent(s) do. In this case, the child was reprimanded for doing so and she ended up getting the school to change their dress code because of it.

Kentucky middle school student, Cejai Taylor, had no intention of causing a ruckus for wearing a “Support Our Troops" T-shirt in honor of her father, Sgt. James Taylor, who had been deployed overseas.

This story would be normal fodder that would be ignored, as normal in today's society, but Cejai's school, Mahaffey Middle School is located on the Fort Campbell Army base. From the way the story goes, Mahaffey requires all students to wear collared shirts, but they have dress-down days once a month where they can wear jeans and school-approved shirts. To Cejai and others, the “Support Our Troops” shirt was not approved.

Unfortunately, because of this, a teacher in the school saw Taylor wearing it and told her to go to the office.

Thankfully, Cejai's mother supported her daughter's choice to wear the shirt, and rather than making her daughter change her shirt, her mother, Cassandra Taylor, chose to pick her daughter up from school.

“I’m not going to make her change, she’s standing her ground and as her mother and as a military wife I support my child,” Cassandra Taylor said. “It’s a military school on a military base.”

Because of Cejai's story, and the stand that she and her mother took on the situation, one of civil disobedience, they made a change to the dress code.

“We’ve incorporated patriotic T-shirts [into the dress code]“, said a representative for the Department of Defense education system

So what does this Middle Schooler's dad think of all of this?

“He says he’s very proud of me for standing up for what I believe in, and he can’t wait to see me,” she said.

It just goes to show, standing up for your principles can force a change.