Football's Big Game is a week from Sunday, how excited everyone is about this game is kind of up for grabs. The 49'ers and Ravens really don't mean much to us in the Ark-La-Tex, but you know there will be plenty of Big Game parties..If you get invited to a party, you don't want to be "That Guy" or "That Gal" who ends up annoying everyone else.According to a survey by CouponCabin, the worst thing you can do is act like you're an expert on football, food, or the commercials.  Also, leave the remote alone . . . and don't talk too much during the game.


  1. Don't be the football "Know-It-All" and act like you're an expert on football . . . food . . . or the commercials. No one's impressed that you know what a Cover Two defense is.
  2. Hands off the remote. 41% of the people in the survey said this was high on the list of annoying things. Just leave the remote alone. Don't change the channels or adjust the volume.
  3. Shut up and don't be the ultimate social butterfly. Yes, it is a party, but you need to know when to stop talking. Be quiet and watch at least some of the game.
  4. The Super Fan: the team's biggest fan who doesn't let you forget it by showing up decked out in his/her favorite team's gear and shoots off stats left and right. Leave some of your 49ers clothes at home, and don't do the Ray Lewis dance every time Baltimore scores.
  5. The Calorie Counter: Don't announce that you're on a diet and worry about all the calories in the junk food.
  6. The Commercial Watcher: If you have a tendency to say "I only watch for the commercials." Of course you do, that's what everyone says.If you announce this, you have come a cliche'. Also, you don't have to tell us after the commercial airs, we already know that most Super Bowl commercials don't live up to the hype.