Yes it is true, Paula Deen has Type 2 diabetes. She was diagnosed about 3 years ago, but kept it private. Deen is known for her recipes loaded with butter and sugar. She is now modifying many of her recipes. Deen says "I made the choice at the time to keep it close to me, to keep it close to my chest," she told USATODAY in her first interview about the disease. I knew when it was time, it would be in God's time." The 64-year-old Deen recently signed a deal with with Novo Nordisk, a maker of diabetes medications. So how much money is she getting? Deen says. "Talking about money is garish. It's tacky. But, of course, I'm been compensated for my time. That's the way our world works."

What about the Deen empire? The Food Network Diva says her delay in talking about the disease had nothing to do with fear about hurting her reputation.

Almost 26 million adults and children in the USA have diabetes, government statistics show.