We got this today after fighting about when we should start our Christmas music:

Dear Robert and Erin,

I was listening this morning when you guys were joking about Christmas music. I so love when you play all those great Christmas songs, but things will be different for my family this year. You see, I am leaving Shreveport today for Dallas. My 8 year old has to have an extensive surgery and the doctors tell me she is going to be in a rehabilitation facility for 8 to 12 weeks. So she really won't have a Christmas like we've always had with friends and family in Shreveport. I'll be staying in Dallas with her and will so miss all the fun you guys have on the radio during the holidays. I know you might think I'm crazy, but is there anyway you can play a couple of Christmas songs for her today so she can feel a little Christmas spirit before we leave the area?

We love you guys and wish you both the best Christmas ever.


Name withheld by request