So for the past week my wife has been pretty quiet. Not that she talks alot, but she is never dead silent, so I figured something was bothering her. Being pregnant, it could have been a lot of factors, as she has had some pain from the baby kicking and general discomfort.

However, as a guy, this one is one you read about, but never think "I will be ready for this when it happens".

About a week ago, my wife woke up with a horrible dream, one that she really didn't go into great detail about. I don't push those questions, as if she wants to talk about it, she will. Well, this went on for a week and last night I had to ask, what was bothering her. She was mad at me because of a dream. When I asked her what I did, she said that I didn't do anything wrong. I came to find out that she was worried about that too. (huh?)

When she was pregnant with our son, she didn't have a lot of problems because he is a boy. This time, she is carrying a girl and that means she is also dealing with more Estrogen and Progesterone, which is giving her horrible dreams and "Holy Cow" mood swings. My wife was so worried about it, that she called her O.B. who told her it was perfectly normal.

The kicker to the whole thing, she was mad at me for her dream, even though I wasn't the person who did anything wrong in her dream.

Wow, I am learning a lot.