You know what is so cool, is seeing my son get into the role of being a big brother. He is 4, so every morning I get him up, bring him out to the living room and make him breakfast and let him slowly wake up. Of course the TV is on his show, Caillou.

If you aren't familiar with Caillou, he is a 4 year little boy and it covers everything from what sharing is for to being a big brother. Caillou also has a little sister, Rosie. So my son can relate in a BIG way to Caillou (he even has a Caillou doll, who is his friend when he gets home from pre-school).

Through out the pregnancy, my son has told me that his Mommy is carrying a baby and he is going to be a big brother. Then when we tell him what his little sister's name is, he immediately corrects us and tells us that the baby's name is Rosie. He is adamant about this. I hate to break his heart, but we are not naming her Rosie. So when I ask him if his name is Caillou after this, he proceeds to tell me "No, Daddy. That's not my name. Caillou is my friend. Don't be silly."