My wife claims our soon to be newborn little girl is just like me with my attitude. I take that as a compliment. Well...kind of.

Seems as though the baby likes me. As I mentioned a little while ago, she is kicking. From what I have found, she is a bit feisty. which I don't think I am, but my wife says that I am. I think her quote to me is "You act like your **s is on fire all the time". Which tells me this baby is moving around a lot. Because of this, I hear my wife sit there and all of the sudden say "oof", "ouch" or the obligatory sigh.

I feel bad for my wife, but what can I say, my little girl will be a lot like me.

Now my wife tells me I have converted this one too. (Yes, my son is just like me too...always on the go.)

I continue to smile. :-)