I am the kind of person who, when they make a promise, they keep it. I have been able to do this one, so far, but it is challenging me, like nothing I have ever tried.

I have been smoking for the past 27 years. I have quit numerous times in my life. The last time I did was back in 2009, when I met my wife's son and we moved into our house.

But as the economy tanked, I lost my job because of cut-backs and the stress of finding a new job, boredom for not going to work and all the the circumstances around a job loss, I ended up smoking again a year and a half later.

Of all the times I quit smoking, I set the date, and just did it. I used the patch and losengence, once, cold turkey, tapering off, etc.  and each time, I really didn't have a problem quitting. The last time, my wife and I did it together, which made it a lot easier. This time, not so easy. Correction: This is nothing less than HELL!

My wife and I made a promise back in June of last year that we would quit smoking when we were trying to have a baby and she dropped it and BAM, she was done.

Me, on the other hand, I set a date to quit and passed it without quitting, set another and another and another, but no mas. I just couldn't do it. I have known it is bad to smoking and I want to quit for the kids and my wife, but I just can't bring myself not want to smoke.

I am on the patch again and it sucks. It takes everything I have not to fire one up. Even the patches aren't enough to stop the cravings. I would try Chantix, but  just can't bring myself pay the price...ouch. (No insurance doesn't cover it.) So, I am 33 days without a cigarette.  I am hoping I can do this, I did promise them I would quit and the reason I am quitting isn't about me, so I have a reason.

I am Step 2 of the patch and I think I may need another one just to not go insane...LOL.

Wish me luck.