My friend Chaz called me today and we were catching up on families and a few other things. I have always respected Chaz for  his parenting skills. He is a husband to 3 wonderful kids (2 girls and a little boy). They are the nicest family, with great values.

What I respect about Chaz is he was laid off of work for a couple of years and decided that he wanted to be a stay at home father. What a great thing that he and his wife were able to work out. Seeing his bond with his kids has given me inspiration. His kids love him and he loves them. I am so glad he was able to spend time with his kids and that my family got to spend time with them.

As one Dad to anther, he has taught me a few things. The latest piece of advice, be "be prepared for your 4 year old to rebel, when [your wife] is at 8 months and few months after the baby is born."

I chuckled and he said, "I saw it with my 2 oldest when the baby was born".

Good advice. I am waiting and now I am ready...I think.