So last night, my wife tried so hard to get me to feel the baby kick. She went so far as to sit in a position that would make the baby move. All of the sudden, she tells me quick, give me your hands...and she put them where the baby was sitting...and....nothing.

Then my wife says, don't go anywhere, I'll get her to kick again...then, again, she says, "OOhh..give me your hands...there she goes.". And as quickly as my hands are where the baby is all stops when my hands are on my wife's belly.

This went on for a good half hour, but to no avail...this time.

I will say this, it is exciting to know that the baby is able to kick enough for my wife to want me to feel it. And it is also good to know that I can just put my hands on the place where the baby is sitting and she calms down.