So tonight is the big night, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions. This is the Hall's 27 year for inductions and this year is a interesting as it can get. I am huge fan of music history, so I appreciate your indulging me.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame class of 2012 is:

Guns N Roses

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Laura Nyro

Beastie Boys

The Faces/Small Faces

and Donovan

Not a bad line-up, but I hate to admit this, but I feel old. I grew up with a lot of these artists. As a matter of fact, I have seen a good number of these artists in Dallas, where I grew up.

Guns N Roses: I think we all have memories of these guys. Even if it was just from MTV. They were the last of the Bad Boy rock bands, but that seems to have worn off a bit. Age does that. That and how Axl Rose has become a parody of himself, while the other members of the band have cleaned up, went to college and started families.

Sometimes a picture says a thousand words:

(My words would be "good googly goo")

Sadly, these guys just can't get along and get it together. Axl has even bowed out of the Rock Hall induction because he has come out and said that he "doesn't feel respected". That comment comes on the heels of Slash and the rest of the group saying how much they would enjoy playing together one more time. That reminds me of the time that GNR played with Metallica in Dallas and we had to wait 3 hours between the 2 bands only to have Axl come out and gripe for 30 minutes about how some people can't handle their drugs, then played for an hour and left. (Those were they days when Guns N Roses would make audiences mad by deciding not to play after they let the audience sit there for hours. Then the audience would destroy the venue).

The Red Hot Chili Peppers: I have always enjoyed these guys. I first saw them on MTV, when I lived in Commerce, TX and my Dad was there watching it with me. (For the record, my Dad is about the coolest Dad you could have. He liked the music I listened to and even went to the concerts with me. Lots of great stories there.) He then became a fan. I enjoyed them, but interestingly, my Dad liked them more then I did, back in the day. I like them more now, but I just don't understand their placement in the Rock Hall.  Good music. Fun. I mean any Rock band that incorporates Funk, would hang with George Clinton (Dr. Funkenstein, himself) and had a hit with a cover of a Stevie Wonder song, can't be all that bad. But Rock Hall material? Ok

Beastie Boys: Now there is a band I REALLY appreciated all through my life. As a teen with (You Gotta) Fight For your Right (To Party). I still remember seeing them open for Madonna. They had the most hilarious props on stage; many of which I shant discuss in a public forum.

Then the started getting experimental, when I went to college at Texas A&M Commerce (then East Texas State University), evolved back to a more traditional rap part sound when I moved to Arkansas, right after I was married the first time.

Sadly, Adam Yauch (MCA) couldn't be there, as he is currently battling throat cancer. I pray for his speedy recovery. Even if you don't care of their music, that has to be devastating, even though it was caught in the early stages.

The there is The Small Faces and The Faces: Even if you don't know their music by names like The Faces "Ooh La La", which was used in Entourage and a VW commercial a few years ago (and interesting to note, a favorite song of Anthony Keidis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who were inducted tonight, as well); or Small Faces "Itchycoo Park".

Fun Fact: Ron Wood of The Faces and Small Faces is the only member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame family who has been inducted twice. Once tonight with The Faces and previously with The Rolling Stones. I have seen the Rolling Stones so many times over the years and one of my favorite shows was at the Cotton Bowl when the band got back together after many years of arguing. I even met Ron once.

Donovan is just plain weird fun music from the hippy generation and very much belongs in the Rock Hall. Songs like "Sunshine Superman" and "Mellow Yellow" are all part of the hippy culture.

Some music closer to home was the induction of Freddie King "The Texas Cannonball". The Dallas native even had a Top 40 hit in 1961 called "Hideaway".