St. Patrick's Day is just hours away, and the myth persists that the people of Ireland are among the world's heaviest drinkers. But is this true? Here's the list of the top ten 'heaviest drinking nations.


Numbers 10, 9 and 8: Australia, Germany and Uganda. Uganda? Yep, the national drink is a beer-like beverage called 'ajono' It's brewed in large troughs and served to the entire village who drink it through straws.

7, 6 and 5: South Korea. Moldova and Ecuador. Did you even know that a nation called 'Moldova' existed? It's part of the former Soviet empire, whose national drink is boza. Imagine drinking a mix of vodka and the juice of sweet pickles.

4, 3 and 2: France, Russian and China. For better or worse, drinking is a way of life in Russia. The country's most popular drink is vodka. And most popular hangover cure? Yep, vodka.

And the number one drinking country on earth? Great Britain! It's most popular drink is 'a pint of bitters', a traditional ale that, contrary to legend, is rarely served warm.

There you go, the world's top ten! And coming up after St. Patrick's Day (when everyone is Irish), stand by for the world's top ten hangover cures!