When I heard that folks from The Wooden Spoon in Bossier were stopping by with espresso cookies, my first reaction was: espresso cookies exist? I was definitely curious what such a cookie would taste like, so I just had to try one. And I wasn't disappointed.

Their mean bean espresso cookie was especially sweet and crumbly. Layered with chocolate, biting into one revealed the hidden treat: espresso beans that were slightly bitter and not too hard.

My office mate turned to me and asked what I was eating and, worried he might want some of my stash, I told him 'raw asparagus.' He turned right back around.

Photo: The Wooden Spoon Facebook Page

Good thing the cookie tastes so good, since The Wooden Spoon's espresso cookie is in a national competition held by US Foods for the 'next top product.'

Shreveport-Bossier folks with a sweet tooth can cast a vote right here after they head down to The Wooden Spoon and grab one (or three!) free samples of the espresso cookie.

If the cookie connoisseurs score enough votes via their Facebook page and Twitter by Sept. 20, they could win the whole shebang.

Better yet, they're giving voters a shot at winning a cookie basket worth $52 (that's a lot of cookies!) by snapping a screenshot of their vote and emailing it to: wspooncookies@att.net. Talk about a sweet deal!