If you listen to the news, read the paper or watch TV, you wonder, is this country going to Hell because we can't agree on anything?  Well, you can breathe a sigh of relief on things after reading the following list of 10 things that we, mostly, agree upon, regardless of race, religion, and political party.

According to surveys by Pew, Gallup, and General Social Survey, and complied by the Fresno Bee, here are 10 things that at least 90% of Americans supposedly agree on. I will say that a few of these, at the very least "sound" controversial.

  1. There is a God.
  2. We're very patriotic.
  3. It's important for the government to prevent terrorism.
  4. Society should make sure everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed.
  5. You need more than a high-school education.
  6. Public schools should teach sex education.
  7. It's morally acceptable to use birth control.
  8. It's NOT morally acceptable to clone humans.
  9. It's wrong for married people to have affairs.
  10. It's our duty as Americans to always vote.