As Erin's big Mardi Gras parade weekend approaches and her inner tug-o-war between fun and common sense sways toward the sensible (at least for the time being), she came across this list of 'Things You Shouldn't Do After Age 40'...and realized she may attempt at least four or five of them in a single afternoon. That would, by the way, be at Saturday's 'festivities on a float'.

erin mccarty, facebook

Jello Shots. Sadly, this one's a virtual given.
Karaoke After Midnight. Although the inability to sing never stopped anybody from wailing away, the parade should be over before then. Hopefully.
Breaking A Board With Your Head. Just pray the board she tries to break isn't attached to someone's home.
Mud Wrestling (intentional). Though the occasional adult beverage(s) may make her a bit nutty, to this point in her life it's never caused to throw hygiene to the to speak.
Crowd Surfing In A Mosh Pit. No doubt she's going off the float and into the crowd. The smart money says not til she hits East Kings.
Drinking Champagne From Your Own Shoe. No worries. She can't afford champagne. Keystone Beer is, however, something else altogether.
Entering A Wet T-Shirt Contest. No comment...other than, 'Please, Lord! No!'