A co-worker sent out this touching email today and it cheered me up. It's about random acts of kindness, looking on the bright side and never taking anything for granted.

I have been and always will be a believer in Random Acts of Kindness. I was in south Shreveport when I noticed a man in his early 20s and all of 5 feet tall. He was limping badly and was covered in sweat.

I pulled over and offered him a ride. He said he was on his way to work at a restaurant. After he got in the car I noticed his left leg from the thigh down had been amputated. I asked if he walked to work everyday and he said yes, two miles to and from work everyday. Five feet tall with a leg that had been amputated and he walks 4 miles a day and works in a restaurant! It broke my heart but I immediately had respect for this sweaty stranger in my car.

It just goes to show that no matter how bad your day is, count your blessings. Life is short and it could always be worse. Be thankful for the things you take for granted.

Thanks, Jarrad!