If you have seen the TV show Cheaters, "you ain't seen nothin' yet". This woman met "the other woman" and what happens next is something you would only see in a movie or on a TV show.

Here's what happened, a Peruvian women found the women her husband was cheating with and as the cliche goes, "hell hath no fury, as a woman scorned". She was so mad and enraged, that she threw the woman off a cliff.

The wife here is Lissette Lupo Mamani and from the look of the video, it was not immediately clear what the husband, Renzo Zanabria Huanca, and Sandra Bruna Morales were talking about or why they were meeting. However, Zanabria quickly fled the scene and abandoned his "other woman".

So how bad was the cheating women hurt, according to hospital reports that she fell about 20 feet but managed to escape the attack with not one minor cuts and bruises.

“She later denied being the husband’s lover, telling a local media outlet that Zanabria had harassed her repeatedly, leading his wife to falsely believe they were having an affair,” Gawker notes.

The footage below is from a security camera and has since gone viral.