We talked about what you can do to live longer on the show this morning with Dr. Jason Maggio, such as eating better and exercising. But one question gave me pause: what can you do to make sure you live to be 85 years old? I decided to take a pledge to do three simple things to improve my odds of living longer.

1)  Park as far away as possible from buildings

This may seem sort of pointless, but think about all the extra calories you'll burn if every day you walk just a little further to the office, school, the mall, etc.?

2) Walk over to co-workers rather than calling or texting them

Robert suggested that instead of texting him on the phone he's still trying to figure out, I should just walk down the hall to talk to him. Easy enough!

3) Play tennis at least once a week

This one requires a little bit more effort and planning than the first two, but tennis is a great aerobic workout and will definitely help me get into better shape. Maybe I can even talk Robert into joining me! That would be fun. And by fun, I mean funny.