Food in the USA has always been about hotdogs, burgers, apple pies, etc., but when was the last time you heard about the #1 snack in America?

I am happy to announce that the #1 snack has been answered...and it is kind of surprising, unless you live in my house.

After 80 years on the market, BrandIndex has found that Ritz Crackers ranked as the #1 treat on which people choose to snack.

The rankings looked like this:

  1. Ritz Crackers
  2. Lay's potato chips
  3. Doritos
  4. Fritos
  5. Orville Redenbacher popcorn
  6. Wheat Thins
  7. Tostitos
  8. Cheetos
  9. Pringles
  10. Triscuits

While the bottom 5 go up and down, it looks like the American public is quite satisfied by their classic indulgences, as the Top 5 ranking is unchanged from last year.

If you notice, these are all salty variations, but there are no cookies.

The question is what other tasty treats are missing from this list?