We have heard so many stories of hackers getting your passwords and using them to get your credit card info, your Social Security number, address and other personal information from you. The worst part is, it could take years for you to fix it.  So what happens, when you discover that your kids know your, supposedly, "secret" password?

Now that you know this, here are the startling facts, if your kids don't already know your passwords and PINs, they can probably figure them out.

8:10 kids surveyed say that they know their parent's passwords for their cell phone, computers and tablets.

But wait, there's more...

Amazingly, 1:3 parents hand over their passwords to their kids.

You may now want to keep your hand over the keyboard or use your passwords out of eye shot, as 18% of kids say they got the passwords by peeking over their parents' shoulder while they were logging on.

Then there are the kids who are patient and smart, as 12% just try some obvious combinations until they just figure it out on their own.

If you want to be scared, this stat should not sit well with any of us, 10% of all kids have locked their parents' account by guessing wrong too many times. (No it wasn't an unknown hacker...it was your kid...the KNOWN hacker)

By the way, don't leave your credit cards laying out or save them on the computer, seems as though 25% of all kids have used their parent's credit card to buy something online without their parent's knowing. But don't worry, they only spend an average of $50 EACH TIME!!!!! The worst part, 50% of those kids say their parents never found out.

So now that you know this, it's time to kid-proof the house again. And you thought that terms was only for toddlers...not quite.