Celebrity pseudonyms have been in the news of late, specifically regarding the scandal surrounding NYC mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner and his now famous nom de sext, 'Carlos Danger'. But for years top movie and TV stars and athletes have used fake names to ward off the press and public when registering at hotels, making dinner reservations, etc. And for some reason, the biggest stars seem to use the same ones again and again. So, here are 'The Top 10 Celebrity Pseudonyms':

10) Jennifer Aniston / 'Mrs. Smith'

9) Prince Harry / 'Spike Wells'

8) Beyonce / 'Ingrid Jackson'

7) Justin Beiber / 'Chandler Bing'

6) Brad Pitt / 'Abe Froman'

5) Angelina Jolie / 'Jasmine Pilaf'

4) Johnny Depp / 'Mr. Stench'

3) Britney Spears / 'Alotta Warmheart'

2) Elton John / 'Humphrey Handbag'

1) Paul McCartney / 'Apollo C. Vermouth'