The Easter Sunday Tornado Outbreak of April 23, 2000 produced 28 tornadoes across the four state region, the largest documented tornado outbreak in one day for this area. Although there were a large number of tornadoes that day, there was no loss of life. Four tornado touchdowns were noted across Caddo and Bossier Parishes with this outbreak. Two of these tornadoes impacted portions of Shreveport, causing moderate to severe damage in the northern and southern sections of town. The tornado that struck North Shreveport developed over Cross Lake (as a waterspout) and moved onto land (as a tornado), eastward into Downtown Shreveport, causing F1 damage. A second tornado (F2) developed near Greenwood and tracked eastward into South Shreveport (near Stagecoach Rd.), destroying several homes and causing extensive damage across South Shreveport, before crossing the Red River into Southern Bossier Parish. This tornado intensified as it cross the river (F3), causing severe damage just south of Elm Grove. In addition, golfball to softball sized hail had been reported over much of Shreveport and Bossier City as these storms rolled through.

The north Shreveport, Benton, Black Cypress Bayou of April 3, 1999, produced winds in the F4 category in Bossier Parish, with estimated max. winds of about 230 mph. This tornado killed 7 people and injured 93 as it tracked through the Hay Meadow mobile home park and the Black Cypress Bayou areas in Bossier Parish. It destroyed over 250 homes. At Hay Meadow, 66 of the 100 mobile homes were completely destroyed.

The Bossier City tornado of December 3, 1978, produced an effective wind gust of about 218 mph in two areas. This storm occured in the wee hours of the morning, an especially dangerous time for tornadoes to strike. I remember it because I was a sophomore at Centenary College living in the dormitory not far from where the twister struck. It was Final Exam week.