When I spoke with Nadya Suleman a couple of months ago, she was jumping for joy when describing her newest venture in "Celebrity Boxing."

A couple of days ago, "Celebrity Boxing" CEO Damon Feldman has put the towel over Suleman's boxing career.

Nadya "Octomom" Suleman will seemingly do anything for money, including pornography or stripping, but one career which also brought in the big bucks was "Celebrity Boxing".

Recently, Suleman was given the pink slip for breaking a fellow female boxer's hand, "with no explanation or apology," and for failing to show up for a scheduled bout in Florida.

The company's CEO Damon Feldman says his company has even lost money because of her name being tied to it!

Feldman goes onto say that she's not even allowed to sit in the audience to watch any of his company's future fights!

Harsh. But, even with Octomom no longer being allowed to fight, that was the most exposure his company will most likely ever get.