Now this is fun! I love Sciport and this is one of the reasons why! Cool stuff to do with the kids. They are having a Toy Making Workshop where you can , make a toy that you can take home with you! And if the kids aren't careful they might even learn some really cool science along the way!


Here is a list of some of the toys you can make:

Cartesian Divers: make a toy where you can see your underwater diver go from the top to the bottom of your water bottle "ocean" and learn about buoyancy and Pascal's Law.

Kazoos: create an instrument that uses your voice and vibration to make music.

Spinning Tops: explore inertia, friction, gravity, and centrifugal force while making your very own top.

Buzzing Balloons: make a fun and easy balloon toy using friction to make acoustic energy and your balloon to buzz!