One of the most popular tweets for the past couple of days have been the 15 Things Women Hate, and I must say there are some great ones listed. Personally, I relate to quite a few of them, and I now know that I am not alone out there.

There are always trending conversations about what men hate about women, especially the fact that most times they do not understand us. Maybe because we simply do not tell the men in our lives what we are thinking or how we are feeling so that there is less opportunity for confrontation, exploitation, or confusion. Sometimes we keep our silence because we have an alternate motive for doing so, and sometimes it is because we change our minds so many times that we do not even have a clue ourselves. Nevertheless, the fact remains that we just don’t communicate enough about what we hate to those around us.

A woman definitely wants to feel like she is the “Only One” for her man, which really comes as no surprise. My biggest thing is being disrespected or ignored. I don’t care if it my husband, my children, a friend, or the many people I deal with on a daily basis, or even a complete stranger. It is rude, offensive, and I do not like it. Everyone deserves to be heard and respected, until they prove otherwise. That is just my opinion, but it does seem to follow the good ole Golden Rule.

Some of the most trending objects of detest tweeted by women (and a few men) include: Having to Text Their Man First, Being Ignored, and Being Cheated On. My personal favorite is “The Hanger” syndrome where the Article of Clothing you admire so fondly looks so better hanging on a hanger than it does on your own body. That's not all. Check out a few of the tweets below or find them all here.