What's Cookie Monster's real name? What was Uncle Jesse from "Full House" supposed to be named before he became Uncle Jesse?Truth be told, BuzzFeed discovered Cookie Monster's name. It's Sid. If you check out the episode "The First Time Me Eat Cookie," you hear his mom say his name.

Uncle Jesse

Then, let's move from PBS to Nick@Nite. Full House had a Uncle Jesse and all the Moms let us watch this show for one person -- Uncle Jesse (aka John Stamos).

But could you imagine what kind of popularity the show would have had, had Uncle Jesse been...(gasp)...Uncle Adam?

It almost happened!

Here are a few other highlights from the list:

  • All the "Rugrats" babies were voiced by women.
  • Barney the purple dinosaur was originally intended to be a bear.
  • Carmen Sandiego's middle name is Isabella.
  • Johnathan Taylor Thomaswas actually the oldest of the "Home Improvement" boys in real life, but not by much.  He's only one month older than Zachary Ty Bryan, who played the oldest brother, Brad.