The Mega Millions lottery drawing held last night brings great news to two lucky ticket buyers. One winning ticket was sold in San Jose, California and another was sold at a news stand in Atlanta, Georgia. Each of the stores selling a winning ticket will also see some profit. They will get about a million apiece!
The jackpot was worth more than $636 million, not far off from the record $656 million Mega Millions prize awarded in March 2012.

One reason for the stunningly large jackpot is that Mega Millions recently changed its rules. Participants used to pick six numbers, from 1-59 each. Now, however, those numbers range from 1-75. The odds of winning used to be about 1 in 176 million; they are now 1 in 259 million.

The winning numbers: 8,14,17,20,39 and the mega ball number:7.