My quest for culinary delights continues with a new food that should have been discovered years ago and props to Jack in the Box for the discovery.
As you may have heard over the years, chicken and waffles go great together (after living in Los Angeles, Roscoe's is a pilgrimage for any self respecting Chicken and Waffle fanatic). So the question then becomes, why wouldn't sausages, eggs... and waffles be a logical breakfast sandwich?

Amazingly, no one has designed this killer combo until now. If you want to make the trek to a Jack in the Box, you can try out their new breakfast sandwich. Until this point, we have had sausage and eggs slapped between flat-bread, biscuits, pancakes and even croissants, but Jack in the Box is replacing the dull "bread" part with a couple of sweet waffles marinated in maple syrup.

I think a trip to Longview is in my future, as that is the closest Jack in the Box that we have to Shreveport and Bossier City.

To get your taste-buds poppin', enjoy the picture of the magnificent confection.